Alado Film School

Become A Refined Communicator

Take part in Acting classes at Alado Film School!
Join an innovative way to spread the church message.
Gain a solid affinity for excellence.
620 Westover Drive, Suite E, Danville, Virginia
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Our Mission

“To provide an inclusive atmosphere for children and adults to pursue a passion for creating wholesome Bible-based entertainment.”

Our Instructor

Mr. Scearce loves to take on service and leadership roles for Foreign and Domestic Missions.

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There is a limit of 15 students for the Thursday class; first come, first serve.
Alado Film School costs $70 per month.
We will hold class each Thursday from 6:15 PM – 7:15 PM. We will contact those who apply with details on the first class.

Why should you join?

Potentially double communication effectiveness.
Gain an affinity for excellence.
Join an innovative way to spread the church message.


What will I gain from Alado Film School?
At Alado Film School, we will push you to excel. You will get the chance to develop communication skills and be a part of a team with a greater mission!
How much will I learn about Acting?
You will learn everything you need to be a believable actor, including history and the best techniques!
What is the purpose of Alado Film School?
As a part of our team, you will learn the art of Acting and produce film and theater content to spread the Gospel.
What qualifications does Mr. Scearce have?
Mr. Scearce has experience as a Middle School teacher for both public and private schools. Additionally, he has five years of experience in media and marketing and three years of volunteer Christian ministry experience.
Where are classes held?
We will hold classes at the Scearce Media office at 620 Westover Drive, Suite E in Danville, Virginia.
How much do classes cost?
Alado Film School costs $70 per month. We keep classes small so that all students can fully engage in our Mission.
Will you do filmed productions?
We hope to eventually! For now, we will stick to theater productions.